Joburg 10km for Heritage Day!

My Heritage Day got off to a pretty awesome start! I did the Joburg 10km! As usual I tried to rope in some friends to do it with me but with no success! So I was at the starting line all by my lonesome! (Thank goodness for girly girls like me, who are willing to take pictures of strangers on their own! Lol!)


Honestly it really wasn’t that bad, the race was full of friendly faces and some people that I’ve met through the run club. I also arrived 5 minutes before the race started so I wasn’t waiting around too long.

I was ready for the race since Friday! The race pack collection process was so seemless! They even had FNB bankers who could collected your pack for you, while you waited. But my personal highlight was the fact that you could personalize your tops, you know I had to get that right?


Also the event was sponsored by PUMA, I saw this as the perfect opportunity for me to run the race in their gear! I got the most stunning olive green outfit at Totalsports that I absolutely love!


The vibe at the starting line was incredible, the people, the music, the atmosphere it was awesome! Once we started moving, I got going. So I think I was focused this run and honestly I had an awesome run!

So the route was communicated way before the race but I’m not good at determining what to expect from a map! There was a steep around the 3rd kilometer that saw me slow my pace but still push through. But the steep devil lives in Braamfontien-tjo! It was hectic! (One of my besties and I have since decide we will run with the Braamfie runners to help with our steep strength) My strategy for this race was simple, run as fast as I can, when I can, for as long as I can -so that the slow downs on the steeps don’t completely kill my time.


I was using this race to determine how viable the Soweto Half Marathon is for me. I’m happy to say we might just finish!!! ( Look there are 6 weeks to go and I will have to work incredibly hard but it seems very doable at the moment!- ask me again in 3 weeks when the race day high has worn out! Lol!!!) I managed to break a few personal records on this race race which I’m incredibly proud of.

There’s nothing for the feeling you get for crossing the finish line! It really was an awesome race!


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