Cake! Cake! Cake!

I’m about to celebrate my 33rd birthday and I have to say 32 was pretty awesome! I think 32 will always stick out for me because of the things I was able to achieve  in this year.

1) I finally took that step and setup my blog!

This was such a huge conundrum for me, I’m an over sharer by nature and always worried that I wouldn’t always know where to draw the line. I knew that if I did do it; if I was going to share my journey, I wanted to be honest, I wanted it to be real and I wanted it to be a true reflection of me, my struggles and my victories. Believe it or not this was and still is seriously scary for me.

It has been a true learning and therapeutic experience having this platform and honestly I’m still learning everyday. I can’t even begin to explain how much this platform has done for me. It’s force me to be honest with myself, to be kind to myself and to follow through.

And how about the incredible amount of support and motivation I have received from people I don’t even know?! Honestly I really didn’t expect it! This has been the greatest surprise! It has shown me the goodness in people and there are people rooting for you, even when you don’t know it. Thank you so much to all of you, those that know me personally and those that don’t who have supported me through this incredible journey.

Most of all I am so happy that I was able to make a difference in people’s lives…make them feel less alone and that their health and fitness goals are attainable. I have never been happier to receive long emails and DMs from people I have always known but no had no idea that we battle the same or similar things; including those from strangers I have never met and also making friends along the way. Quite honestly the reassurance that my struggles are not mine alone, has been one of my biggest motivators.

I’m pretty sure the blog will evolve as I do, I’m hoping and praying that you will stick with me through this pursuit to be the best version of myself…whatever that means!


2) I celebrated my 5th year wedding anniversary 

Guys, I found marriage to be incredibly hard! But we made it! I’m so happy, the highs have definitely been worth it! I think we have finally found our feet!😍❤️ I’m so proud of us…


3) My kids are happy!

You know the saying that a mother is only as happy as their unhappiest child? It’s true and I’m proof!

Every child is special in their own way, but my Joy the boy; this one is special to me because he reminded me of who I am. Showed me my strength and my ability to rise above. He is a happy, well rounded boy who adores mommy, daddy and his brothers. He has fitted so seamlessly into our family that I almost don’t remember life before he came. Guys I made a fully functioning human being😍

My Chocolate boy, oh my Choc! My happy child, my free spirit, my go getter! He has adjusted so well to formal schooling and is literally thriving in every area.

My oldest (My Bansela) is doing so well at school, both academically and in sports which daddy and I are so incredibly proud of. He has worked so hard and seems to have found his feet and while he struggles from time to time with aspects of his blended family scenario, he is a well mannered and well rounded boy and that just makes my heart smile.


4) I climbed Lion’s Head

Can we just talk about the fact that just 8 weeks after I gave birth to my Joy I literally climbed a mountain…me, Pudding Face! I did that!


5) Me and my guy completed our very first JUMA & JURA race together!

Can I just start by stating that it’s a running race and a mountain biking race a day apart and little old me managed to complete it!!!🙌🏽

The baby father and I did this together and it was honestly one of the highlights of my year!

6) I ran not one but two 10km races 

I did two 10km races which I enjoyed and totally boosted my confidence as a runner.

7) I ran my very first half marathon!

Would I be allowed to put the fact that I’m a half marathon runner on my cv? I think I should be! Lol!!! I think it’s what I’m most proud of right now!


8) I am mentally and emotionally healthy

I have taken care of my emotional and mental health as much as I have taken care of my physical health. I battle all the time, but I’m conscious and I’m present and dedicated to making sure I’m ok! I’m no longer afraid to admit when I’m not coping or to ask for help.


9) I managed to lose 32kgs this year!

Yes! I did that! I lost 32 freaking kgs and if you didn’t know now you know!

10) I’m happy!

Need I say more?!


Drops Mic!



7 thoughts on “Cake! Cake! Cake!

  1. Firstly I’d like to point out that I looooove your blog. Feel like you’re sitting right in front of me and we’re chatting away. Why am I only discovering it now vele??? Secondly, wooooohoooooo!!! Well done on your achievements in 2017. You’ve inspired me to go on and get my life this year. Thank you, you’re amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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