A pudding kinda party!

Anyone who knows me will be able to tell you how much I love, love, love birthdays! More especially mine!!! This year I decided I wanted to celebrate my day with my friends in Pudding Face fashion and what better way to do that than to have a workout party?!🎉


Look, my friends weren’t too pleased with me 😂 a few of them had excuses that I couldn’t even argue with but for those that came we had a ball of a time! My friends are so supportive of my health and fitness lifestyle but they aren’t always so keen when it has to involve them!

In fact when I sent out the invite, one of my very oldest friends told me she couldn’t attend cause she had a wedding that afternoon, I was like the party is at 7am! To which she then replied she needed to get to the mall and do all sorts before the wedding, I told her the malls still wouldn’t be open by the time we are done. Which they weren’t! Needless to say she still didn’t pitch! But I’m expecting some seriously dope gym gear as an apology for poor performance!

I decided to have the party at Bounce in Fourways, they have a Blast Fit class at 7am on Saturday mornings which I thought would be perfect (and it’s so affordable!), these classes are geared at all fitness levels. What made this experience particularly great was that it was everyone’s first time trying the class.


Let me just say that for me trampolines are associated with being wild, free and having childlike fun (hence I thought this would help to lure my friends to my workout party!😂). I have to admit though that this class is far more structured. There was an instructor, who showed you all the  different workouts and how to do them correctly (and how to avoid injury!) and we did 3 sets of each work out like you would in an ordinary gym! It was very structured and well planned which I now completely understand. But none of us really knew what to expect going in except what we had read online.

It involved some cardio in the form of jumping of course and we did lunges, squats and even stomach crunches. We worked every area of our bodies, our arms, our backs and even our calves! It was literally a full body workout!

During the workout, some of my friends were giving me the worst looks in life! Lol! And during the water breaks they questioned my love and intentions! But when it was all done, everyone was going on about how fun it was. And we all had that addictive post workout glow!


After the workout we made our way to Jackson’s Real Food Market in Bryanston, which is a serious gem! There is a beautiful health focused and is seriously any banter’s dream. Every kind of Banting friendly treat you have ever imagined, they have here. A banters dream!


I had my pregnant friend join us here (jumping wasn’t an option for her, she is due any time now!) but I adore her for waking up so early in the rain to have breakfast with me. She also happens to be the same friend who introduced me to Banting so she was just as excited as I was to try this new spot.


The restaurant had stunning organic, Banting and none Banting, gluten free and vegan options. The food was really amazing and had a wide variety to choose from. The space is also really beautiful and they have amazing staff who are on the ball, well informed on the menu and can really help you make a decision if you are feeling confused.

The drinks menu will have you feeling like Alice in wonderland! With an amazing variety of fresh squeezed, unusual and exotic mixes. I had to try this baby! They said it has slimming properties 😂😂😂 Look I’m all about my body goals ok?!


There was a lot of chatter and laughter around our table as we replayed our morning on the trampolines!😂

Thank to all my friends who made the effort to be there so early in the morning and endured a workout all in the name of my Pudding Face! I’m so grateful to all of you and I can’t wait to think up some active fun for us next year!!!


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