It’s not a lifestyle till you can push through December!

No one knows better than me how extremely difficult it is to create good habits; there’s honestly only one thing harder…keeping them! But if you are into extreme sport, how about trying to keep good habit during December?! Lol!

December is literally my favorite time of the year, it feels like a month long party! It’s just so festive and everyone is in high spirits and it always feels like it’s never gonna end! In the past, December has always been where my ‘diet’ goes to die! Like all control seems to fly out the window! *hides!* This year, I wanted things to be a little different. I wanted to remain as active as possible and eat as clean as I had been eating throughout the year! It’s a lifestyle after all!

At the beginning of December I had every intention to run 100km during December but I think it may have been slightly unrealistic on my part! 🙈 You can’t blame a girl for being ambitious 😂 I failed dismally at this task, only achieving just over 50km. However I’m so extremely proud of me, to come from a girl who could hardly walk up a flight of stairs to being the girl who runs 50km at the peek of my social commitments…girl please!💁🏾‍♀️ I even worked out with my babies!

I will not lie, I didn’t have very big plans when it came to my diet! My only aim was to limit the number of take away we got as a family, like the stove and I are best friends hey, come rain or shine that baby is always in use! 😂 I just feel that home cooked food is better because I know exactly what is in our food and we eat what we have-I don’t buy junk at home! So keeping it clean while at home wasn’t so hard but when we are out is a whole other story! I think I’ve had cheesecake twice, if not three times this December 🙈

So there’s one thing we all take for granted when it comes to calories consumed and that’s the alcohol 🙈 Like I had no idea just how much calories one can take in from drinking until I started tracking!😩 I tracked till it gave me anxiety, so I stopped! Look, it’s a lot! And I’m not even a serious drinker. I think my main issue when it comes to the booze is that I prefer the sweeter drinks…the sweeter the better! I’m well aware that alcohol throws you out of ketosis 😞 and that your body can’t burn fat while burning alcohol and that I’m taking in unreasonable amounts of sugar through my drinks! Ke Dezemba boss!

One of the greatest byproducts of my weight loss journey this year is how I felt in my skin! I am in love with my body, it’s not perfect and I doubt it ever will be; but I look at the two beautiful souls it has carried and created and I’m like what?! I did that! Every lump, every bump, every curve, every stretch mark tells a story. A story of a girl who decided to screw it and do it! And this December I got to enjoy this new body! I loved playing dress up and I loved being pool side in my bikini (yes I rocked a bikini! And you do know that there’s no wrong way to have a body right?)

Like with all things you have to remind yourself constantly where you started, just to remind yourself that you dreams and goals truly are achievable! It’s easy to forget how far you have come, or even doubt that you can take the next step! This picture right here does that for me. The first was taken Christmas Eve 2016 and the other Christmas Eve 2017. There is 32kgs between these two pictures, a millions tears and truck loads of sweat!


Thank you so much for being part of my journey in 2017! Here’s to the next part of the journey in 2018! 🍹


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