10km Johnson Crane Race

I ran 10km in the Johnson Crane this past weekend. I can’t believe what I’m about to say!🙈 I feel I should have registered for the 21km. Let me explain…


The race is in Benoni, which is a good 50km away from where I live. The 10km started at 6:30am which meant I had to leave home at 5am. (I couldn’t wake up on time!🙈 in my defense, it was my cousin’s lobola the day before!) And just as an aside, my family knows how to have fun & our Sbosh made the most beautiful makoti!😍

The race pack collection was also in Benoni and as a busy mom to 3 young boys, where on earth was I supposed to find the time to drive to Benoni to collect my race pack? Lucky for me, my dad lives in Boksburg so the race pack collection venue was about 8kms from where he lives and we were seeing each other the next day at the lobola do! So my daddy collected my pack for me! *score! Thank you daddy! I didn’t know that I wasn’t getting a T-shirt for this race😂 but apparently my dad who did the collection on my behalf was livid that his baby girl didn’t get a shirt! But apparently the tops were reserved for the 21km and 42km- he tried to negotiate!😂 I love my dad guys! I’m happy cause I got to wear the hubby’s business shirt, anything to promote the family business!f470a99f-27f3-4b7e-8645-5d429faf2cff.jpeg

Anyway the race itself was ok, there weren’t too many steeps and there was a good mix of people of all sorts of fitness levels. I forgot my hat so thank goodness the race was in the middle of suburbia- with trees, they helped a lot with shade!

There were ample water spots on route with little scouts that cheered us on as we came past. Some of them so little, it was just too cute! Oh and I didn’t drink Coke this run!💪🏽

I ran the race at quite a comfortable pace and got to the finish line still feeling quite fresh and surprisingly, I would have rather loved to get to the finish line and feel like I nearly died!🙈 I think something is wrong with me!😂


So my top lessons learnt from running Johnson Crane:

1) Before you book a race, do your homework on the location of the race. You are gonna need to collect your race pack and get there pretty early and location is important.

2) Get a good night’s rest before your race.

3) It’s important to pack/ prep for the race the night before for the race- it will prevent things like forgetting to wear your hat or forgetting to wear sunscreen.

4) If you are gonna run a race, make sure you challenge yourself! Be it your pace or your distance! What’s the point of waking up early to be mediocre?

5) Every race is going to teach you something new!


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