This is my body and I’m sticking to it!- written by Zamangwe Zwane

Body shammers AKA self proclaimed ministers of health… Ever dealt with those kind of people? Let me tell y’all a little story…

So, growing up I was always the “fat” kid. My cousins and friends were skinnier and taller. funny enough, was the most comfortable and confident person I knew. But society teaches us that we have no right being fat and confident. Like, how dare you love yourself and be so confident? Here’s the gag I WASN’T EVEN FAT OR AS BIG AS THEY TRIED TO MAKE ME FEEL.


With that being said, I eventually grew into those insecurities, because the “body police AKA self proclaimed ‘Ministers of health” wouldn’t tell me breathe.

“Oh my goodness you’ve gained so much weight. “ “ WOW. Uzimiseleni nge impilo ungaka?” Mind you, all these comments are coming from people with bigger issues than you. I’ve alway thought body shammers project their own insecurities on others… Why else would you pretend to care about my weight when it had nothing to do with my wellbeing/health?

Here I am now, looking at old pictures of myself trying to find the fat everyone was so comfortable with pointing out to me each time they saw me I DON’T SEE IT!!! I’m here wishing that these mean spirited individuals didn’t exist. I’ve struggled with body issues all my life and now that I’m actively trying to take care of myself and my body I realize that you can never win with humans and so it is important to always understand why you want to embark on a journey of health and self love.

1. Always remember that whatever you do, you’re doing it for yourself first.
2. People will always have something to say, which is why the first step is the most important.
3. Remember that nothing worth having comes easy.
4. Good health,happiness, wealth everything you want, you must work for.
5. Stay fierce and focused.
6. And most importantly be your own body goals….

With all that being said… I’ve gotten to a place where I appreciate and the skin and body I am in, hence I’m pushing myself hard to keep it healthy and poppin’ I use every opportunity I can find to slay in it. I have a 5year little princess that’s already  being ridiculed by the “body police” for how her body is shaped.


Having to be a role model and supermom isn’t easy, but someone has to do it. It is of extreme importance to me that my daughter grows confident in her own skin, in a world full of judgment and body shaming for being you, it’s important that she learns from me and her aunts that she’s the prettiest girl in the world as she is… At home, we lead by example.



4 thoughts on “This is my body and I’m sticking to it!- written by Zamangwe Zwane

  1. Wow so proud of your I hope you know that I have always loved you all of you just the way you are 🙈Askies for body shaming if I ever did I think as skinny people we don’t get it ,I have always told you beautiful I am your number one supporter

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    1. Is this for me or for Zam or for us both?!😂
      I think there’s definitely a lot that people who have never had weight issues would not understand, but I also think one being able to comment or say something about it depends on the relationship with the person!
      You have always shown me love! And even when things were out of control, I always knew it came from a place of love but also you knew my story…you can’t be a random nje wanting to make comments on people’s weight!


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