Press the restart button!

So remember how I was taking responsibility for standing in my own way? Before you wreck yourself!!!

Yes well, after that little episode I decided I needed to take some decisive action to put me back on track and in the direction of my goals- being the best version of myself! So I’ve made some decisions!

1)The first being to stop my training sessions with the trainer and go at it on my own.

I need to earn the privilege to train with a trainer agian…if that makes sense. Personal training is expensive but can be really beneficial when used optimally. I’ve wasted opportunity here! Look there have been some gains but nothing close to what I could have gained (and that’s just the truth!)

I’m certain that I push a lot harder when I train with my trainer than I do when I’m alone (another truth I’ve had to admit to myself & will have to work hard at changing). My body responds well when I train with him, I can actually see and feel the muscles, the strength- I look and feel stronger! (As with all things, it could just be in my mind but I believe it & that all that actually counts so…) Anyway, the bottom line is it’s my body putting in the work! It’s me sweating and dying there! I can do this!


The idea is that I should use what I have learnt from him so far and mix that with our trusted friend google to find a weight training program for weight loss. (I don’t know how people survived before Google!)

Ive also changed my gym membership to a national membership to allow me to workout closer to work. Maybe if I drive to PTA a little earlier and workout this side in the morning, I will save some time with the traffic (and counter that exhaustion problem!) But sadly there goes whatever little ‘us time’ the baby father and I had in the morning (via our gym routine)

2) I plan to start training to run 42km later this year.

I have already found the running program I plan to use and am currently searching for a great weight training program to compliment my running program.

A good mix of cardio and weight training are important to be me because I believe they serve different purposes. As with all things that I do, I have put in extensive research into what I’m trying to do and how I plan to do it. Using all the information i have sourced and knowledge I have gained, will work in my rest days and redesign a program that suits me and my objectives.

I’ve also looked around for some group runs in my area and have found out about a running group that does different distances on the weekend. My running friends are the absolute best! I think I will join them, for safety and motivation and build up my distance according to the running program.

When I said going back to basics, I meant basics!

3) I’ve gone back to meal and macro tracking

I’ve since re-downloaded my Myfitnesspal app. I haven’t used it in a while! I loved this app! I have the free version  & while it doesn’t always work optimally for someone who is Banting ( it doesn’t allow me to set my macros the way I want to) I set them as close as possible and track it from there.

I have also re-downloaded my carbwise App. Honestly speaking I struggled with it a lot the first time around!🙈 But I’ve been playing around with it the last couple of days and it seems they have fixed a few of the glitches. The app is great at showing you how much calories you should be taking in for your weight, age, height and activity level.


4) I’ve brought back the food scale

If you have never heard this before, I will tell you for free! -Portion control is everything! Too much food is too much food no matter what meal plan you are on. My eyes are literally my worst enemy! Guys, because I’ve made the food and I believe it’s clean; I tend to be a little generous 👀


Putting the food on a scale allows for honesty and makes you realize how much you are actually eating. Your eyes can lie to your brain, but your scale won’t!

Also, I think this process will allow me to relearn my portion control. I learnt the last time around; that soon you learn to measure portions correctly even without the scale….I’m just out of practice!

5) I’m bringing back my weekly weigh ins!

I will be weighing in weekly to track my progress. This will include measurements because sometimes the scale isn’t moving but the centimeters are!

6) Back to my social media 

I know there are many who would disagree with social media as a research and motivation tool but I love it!

There are Banting, Ketogenic and healthy lifestyle pages on Facebook and Instagram  which are just phenomenal! You get first hand experiences from people who have had similar questions, issues & challenges to you and you literally see them succeed! Some will even show you their failures and how they bounce back!I’ve found this so helpful! It just reminds you that it’s a life long journey!

Nothing sucks more than starting over!😩 But the rewards are always worth it! So let’s do this! I will share a week’s meal plan and a workout week too in good time!

To being the best versions of ourselves! 😘


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