Walk the talk with the family!

Some friends and I decided it would be a great idea to register our entire families for the #MTNWALKTHETALKWITH702

It’s so important to me that I instil good health and fitness values in my children and I believe one way of doing so is to create  fun active experiences and memories for them, so doing the Walk was a no brainer!

So let me start by saying that the first time registration process was not easy! In fact I gave up and my friend did it for us (me and my whole family- what would I be without her?!😍) I had baby father do the race pack collection at Marks Park which he says was reasonably easy, which is a biggie because he complains about anything that takes up his time! So if he says it was easy then trust me, it was! The race pack came with a Bar One the size of life and a yellow bucket hat!


Look you couldn’t have paid me to wear this hat😂 but the kids loved it! And I guess when the crowd comes together and it’s just a sea of yellow, the look comes together!


We knew off the bat that we were only going to manage 5kms with kids and all the luggage you need when doing anything with kids! Which was great foresight on our part because My Choc was freaked out by all the dogs, My Joy, wanted to run free in the crowd…it was a lot fam! I doubt we would have managed 8kms.

So the parking situation was not ideal! Particularly for someone with kids, a stroller, baby bag and the likes. We were parked maybe 2 or 3kms from the start. When we got to the start My Choc was already tired🙈 We considered the park and ride but at R100pp for a family of 5? I think not! Don’t get me wrong parking was very well organized and the whole process was smooth but it was far. Fortunately we arrived pretty early and were not rushed.


The actual walking route felt extra long!🙈😂 It took us almost 2 hours to walk a distance hubby and I easily run in 30 to 35 minutes! Needless to say he was less than impressed 😂 #itsforthechildren


The atmosphere was electric and the people were amazing! We saw many people of different ages, gender, race and background walking for different causes. It was beautiful! The sun was warm, the trees were green, it was really just a beautiful day out! People took pictures chatted, exchanged pleasantries! There was music along the route and people danced and cheered as we moved by. Some people did interviews and others just cheered and waved as they came past. At the water point they offered an endless supply of coke, water and pleasant conversations!

The kids were literally over the moon to reach the finish line 😂 but who can blame them 5km for a 5 year old feels like a life time! Joy was fast asleep! I think getting medals was no doubt the highlight of the day! Choc shows it to anyone who walks into our house!😂 He asked me last night if he can take it to school for show and tell!

There was so much to do post race, they had a great play area for the kids with great security. (A mother’s dream) There were different food stalls with quite a huge variety to select from. There was also a braai area where people seemed to have brought their own goods. Great after race vibes no doubt!

We had a really awesome time but baby father and I decided that if we do the walk again we running the 15km and leaving our babies at home!😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈


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