My name is Thozama; but you can call me Pudding Face!(That’s the nickname my mom gave me because I was a chubby kid! I quite like the name because when my mom said it, it was always with so much love.)

I’ve been married for 5 years this year (please don’t ask me how I managed that cause I’m pretty sure the answer will involve something about holding it together with shoe string, gum and staples, unlike most married people I have found marriage to be unbelievably hard! But it’s 5 years, we here and we making it work-We give God the praise!). I am a mom to 3 gorgeous boys aging between 8 and 3 months. I was pretty lucky with my oldest in that he came for free with the hubby! (No weight gain or pregnancy woes for me!!! BONUS!!! He is my stepson who lives with us full time. I’ve been in his life since before he was two years old so our bond runs deep.) Our oldest that we have together just turned four, while our youngest is just 3 months old.

I have lived in Johannesburg South Africa all my life and have been fortunate enough to be able to build a life I love.

Two years ago I started my weight loss journey, I successfully lost over 30Kgs. Only to fall pregnant a year later and gain 27kgs. This is to document my journey to my pre-pregnancy weight and ultimately my all time goal weight. The idea was to start this last year, but then pregnancy happened and before I knew it 2017 was here. Some of my articles are a little old as I wrote them last year before life took over, but I think they are all too relevant!

Follow my blog as I document what I know will probably be the most difficult but worthwhile journey of my life . Having gone down this road before I know what a monumental transformation weight loss can have on one’s body mind and soul. I want to share my journey with other and hopefully inspire someone along the way.

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